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Students are most likely to thrive — academically, socially,
and personally — in an atmosphere of respect that the
students themselves help create. This is the core principle of

the emPOWERment project,
founded in 2009 by four
Omaha education and business professionals as a
501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The emPOWERment project has developed an
innovative ten-week program —
Respect and Manners at
School and Work
and introduced it in selected Omaha
Public Schools. Students in grades four through seven meet
once a week during the school day with EP facilitators to
develop a positive and respectful learning atmosphere in the
classroom, forming habits that encourage:

self-worth and self-confidence
respectful attitudes and behavior toward others
good manners
optimism about future success
scholastic achievement

It made my
manners way
better; it made
me a better
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