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I have more
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Working with Metropolitan Community College and the
Omaha Public Schools
, the emPOWERment project
Respect and Manners at School and Work
with three 6th-grade classes, meeting February–May 2009.
The success of the program confirmed our strong belief that
children want to recognize themselves and others as worthy of
respect. When they gain this perspective, acting respectfully
becomes a natural and positive habit. (Click on
Story, here or above left.)

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…we can meet our goal to introduce the life-changing program
Respect and Manners at School and Work to fourth-
through seventh-graders across Nebraska and beyond.

We know our goals are ambitious and far-reaching, but they
must be if we are to effect positive change, not only in the
lives of students but also in the health of our schools and
communities. We have seen the beginning of this
transformation as students’ self-knowledge begets self-
confidence, mutual respect, and personal and academic

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ABOVE: The culminating event — a formal
luncheon at Metropolitan Community College
— was thrilling ... as students diligently
practiced their manners in the receiving line
and shook hands with the college president,
the board of governors president, other
board members, and several donors. The
luncheon speaker was a young woman who
overcame a troubled childhood to finish her
education and qualify for a wonderful,
satisfying career — teaching troubled youth
at the high school she had dropped out of!