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about my

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Kids' Tips for Parents and Other Adults in Their Lives

Love me for who I am, not for who you want me to be.
Talk to me the way you wish your parents had spoken to you.
If you are going to talk about me when I'm in the room, please
include me in the conversation.
Ask for my opinions and perspectives on different topics.
Sometimes take my advice.
Tell me stories about my family history.  Tell me what qualities
and characteristics I share with my ancestors.
Reminisce about my earliest days and about milestones in my life
-- and remind me how much these moments mean to you.
Compliment me.
Really listen to me, using eye contact, so I feel like you care what I
am saying.
Praise me, rather than the activity, when I do well, and recognize
the qualities that made me succeed.
Tell me you love how kind I am, rather than how cute I am.  
Let me participate in any punishment I deserve.  I have good ideas
about what would help me correct my mistakes.
Don’t assume you know what I’m thinking or feeling and react to
your own assumption.
Don’t make fun of my dreams, even if they seem unrealistic to
you. Help me discover what I can do now to start to make them
come true.
Look at me sometimes for no other reason than you like me, not
just when you’re mad at me or want me to do stuff.
Tell me what you respect about me.
Consider that what you think is a fact may be just your opinion.
Don’t dismiss my fears and concerns because they seem minor to
Look for the good in me and let me know when you see it.
Say “That’s great!” to me and encourage me before you tell me
how many ways I can do better. When you do have suggestions for
me, try offering them as questions, “What do you think would
happen if you tried…?"
Tell me when I make you proud.

Respect Is a 2-Way Street